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Dec 5, 2020

I first met Melina last year when I booked a client for a boudoir session. I had rented lenses and an expensive, but nice looking, airbnb. A model call was put out, and I had about 4 or 5 different models agree. However, for various reasons, Melina was the only model who showed.

The lenses I had rented did not fit in the small rooms of the airbnb! But Melina was fun to work with and we got some shots I ended up happy with. In March 2019, I put out an ad among my friends looking for someone to model some dresses I have in my client closet. Melina responded and was the size of three of my dresses. Due to our location and time of the shoot we only managed to get two of them photographed.
The first dress was this fabulous retro babe looking polka dot dress. We decided to play in an alley with that one. My original alley I wanted to use was full of garbage cans so I had to go scout another location before she arrived. While we were shooting a truck pulled up at the end of the alley and sat there with their lights on the entire time!

Retro Pin Up Polka Dot Dress. Photo shoot. Portrait Blackfoot, Idaho.

When we were done there we took a little drive to the next area. The area was pretty busy but we found some quite spots. A quick dress change in my awesome but small changing station and we were off shooting again. The next and last location was pretty in its own weird way. But Melina was starting to get too cold, this was March and it was super windy and cold that day, so we hurried and snapped a few more shots and called it a day.

Dress From Client Closet. Model Portrait Shoot Blackfoot, Idaho.

You can find more of Melina at- + @ Melina_369_ on Instagram!

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