Maternity Photo in a field. Blackfoot, Idaho


Dec 5, 2020

My dear sweet Molly! Molly is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We go way back to like elementary school! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with both her and her husband at my different jobs. When Molly had her first child, five years ago, I was just getting into photography in general, and wasn’t even close to starting to photograph people.

So naturally what happened? Of course I did a newborn session. Going into it, I went like most new photographers, clueless. Let’s just say I thought it was a disaster and I have since learned there is actually a lot that goes into it. If you are a photographer reading this, and interested in shooting newborns please please please do your research first. Like weddings, I won’t touch newborns with a one hundred foot pole! But there are some amazing newborn photographers out there and kudos to them!

And now five years later Molly is getting ready for her second! ( I’m slow writing this blog, she has since had her second, an adorable little girl!) I was so excited when I found out Molly was pregnant, I was like please you have to let me do your maternity photos! Thankfully she agreed! Her and her husband mentioned newborn photos, but that ha wasn’t happening! I had rented my dream lens (I am happy to note I no longer have to rent it, I own it now!!!) and scheduled two other sessions around hers, have to get my money’s worth! It was going to be a great!

If only the weather didn’t have other plans! All three of my sessions had really bad wind. Wind is my enemy. We pulled up to our first spot and I saw these really cool tall white stems, probably just weeds but they were cool. They were also way out in the field, I gleefully pointed them out and said start walking!! Just kidding, I didn’t say that but it would have been funny, and I’d probably been swatted at if I had said that.

Molly was wearing a striped shirt, that when viewing on my computer some of the photos had a weird effect I later learned is called moire. Because of that, striped shirts are on my do not wear list for clients. If you are curious my do not wear list is- small stripes, neon, and bright red and pink. P.S. I have a client closet now!

Maternity Photoshoot in a Field

Back to the session, it’s March so it’s windy and cold, and rain is possible, so we move to the next location and outfit change. At the third location I had to yell at Molly (only because of the distance!) to smile! I take a few more pictures and not smile. I said that isn’t a smile… I got a genuine laugh out of that, and captured great shots with that.

Maternity Photo shoot Blackfoot, Idaho in a field

Shortly after that the rain started. We started to head to our final location, and on the way I saw a moose standing off just by range of trees. Of course we had to stare at that for a while. At the final location the rain started to come down harder so didn’t stay for much longer. I was so happy with these photos! I can’t wait to do more maternity shoots! If you know anyone looking for a maternity photographer, send them my way.

Maternity Photoshoot in the field, Blackfoot, Idaho

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