18th Birthday Senior Shoot

Oh To Be Young Again!

Dec 5, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice? A while back my friend contacted me asking if we could do photos for her 18th birthday. She said she had the balloons for the 1 and the 8. I’ve seen those kinds of photo shoots before, and they always looked like fun. So of course I said yes!

Miranda 18th Birthday Senior Shoot

We have this area where I don’t think many people know that it actually has a name. I was exploring the area one day and saw it on a sign. But, every time I try to tell people it they think I’m talking about some place up north! So I have to try to explain how to get to the area based on near by buildings. Well as you know I always get lost on my trips, its’ only natural I’d get people lost trying to find the location as well! It was kind of funny seeing them drive back and forth a couple times until they finally saw me.

While we are walking to our first area we see a couple on the bridge so we decided to skip that area and go further away and work our way back. The whole area was covered in snow, causing everything to be a little slick. I had my trusty ole UGG boots on, Miranda here did not. So far so good though, I mean she looked amazing anyways. This shoot was my first shoot of the new year. I usually don’t shoot much during the winter because I hate the winter, the snow, and most importantly the cold.

Eighteenth Birthday Senior Shoot

One of the worst, and funniest, parts of shoots is giving directions with poses. Trying to explain things, that kind of don’t make sense until you know what it means. It really is kind of hilarious trying to get people to do certain things. There is a lot of laughter, and confusion, and they usually tell me ” this feels so weird.” But trust me, it makes a difference. After the fun of that, we decided to make our way back to the bridge…where someone…(not me 🙂 ) took a slip in their nice shoes. I felt bad, but can laugh about it now. She laughed so it’s all good. That’s what I love about my UGGs, they have some great traction. This shoot definitely opened my eyes to shooting more during the winter.

18th Birthday Photo Shoot. Senior Shoot. Blackfoot, Idaho.

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