Portrait Photo Shoot Blackfoot Idaho


Dec 10, 2020

Oh my lanta I can’t even find, well no, there are no words to describe how amazing Gabi is! I adore her so much. She is so fun and easy to pose, she just gets it. I have the pleasure of knowing a few of Gabi’s family members as well.

I worked with her sister Alli at Wal-Mart many years ago and currently work with her mom. I adore them all. Many moons ago I had decided I wanted a puppy, that did not go well, and he ended up going to live with Gabi. I’m not even lying when I say those two were destined for each other. Gabi is one of those people with a heart of gold, she is always nice to other people and never has anything bad to say about others. A few years ago I photographed Gabi in some vintage dresses I had picked up. I uh…wasn’t aware the sun set earlier than I had last remembered, so when it was time for the shoot…well it was mostly dark!

Wildflower Field Photo Shoot Idaho

Earlier this year Gabi answered the call for my wardrobe shoot. I had ordered this way cool vintage bomber jacket, and she was perfect for it. When I ordered it, it said it was one size. If you’re a bigger girl like me, you are familiar with one size actually being like a small. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and was bigger than my XL size!

I’ve never done portraits on the sidewalk before but really wanted to try it out. I was worried about all the cars and people walking around. I worried for nothing! It was a super windy Sunday morning, and Blackfoot is like a ghost town on Sundays. We also had decided to do our shoot at noon. Normally I only do early morning or evening shoots. But we got blessed with clouds! Unlike wind, clouds are my friend.

Graffiti Urban Area Photo Shoot Blackfoot, Idaho

We had so much fun running around town shooting in different urban locations. Want to try it for yourself? Click here to book- https://blackhoneyportraits.com/services

Photo Shoot In a Downtown Urban Area, Blackfoot Idaho

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