Sierra- Fashion Shoot

Dec 16, 2020

Originally Published- March 5th, 2020

Back in August my mom went to California to spend some time with her brother. In September I had a few days to go down and get her. I also had this really cool high fashion dress I wanted to get photographed while I was down there. A few weeks before I left I started looking for someone down there to model. That was not an easy job.

I contacted a few people on Instagram in the area and got crickets. At the same time my cousin Parker, who lives there, was helping me. Thankfully he found someone! My own cousin Sierra. Technically my second cousin but I call all my cousins cousins. I’m not planning on marrying any of them, so where they are on the family tree doesn’t matter to me. Haha! But anyways…Sierra is one of those super cool laid back Southern California Urban Skater Girl type of girl. So I was definitely excited!

Desert Fashion Shoot Apple Valley California

I’ll be one hundred percent honest here… I hadn’t totally checked out the dress. It’s all sparkly and I didn’t want to mess it up. I knew it was sheer and had a body suit looking thing inside. Ah ha ha ha well…when my cousin came out from trying it on…there was a whole lot of booty showing! My eyes bulged, I thought the body suit covered more than it did!

A few months before this, I think, Beyonce had shot a music video at a location in Apple Valley, where I was going. It was so cool looking I had to shoot there! There was also another location I’ve seen in photos that looked jaw dropping as well, unfortunately there is a lot of crime that happens there so that one was a no go, heartbreak. Now that I had the location it was time to decide on the time of day to shoot.

Desert Fashion Shoot Apple Valley California

Much to what I am sure, was Sierra’s dismay, we had to shoot at sunrise. I had plans for visiting Joshua Tree that afternoon. I tend to forget others aren’t used to me and my photography game day stuff. I had to wake her up and hoped she would get ready fast! Thankfully the location was not even five minutes away! I wanted to be there earlier but we still got our shots!

Apple Valley California Desert Fashion Shoot Beyonce Location

For some reason there is something inside my brain holding me back, blocking me. I can see my fashion shoot ideas and concepts in my head but it doesn’t translate into my work. Some of the ideas I had din’t quite turn out how I wanted, but I did get some I liked. This was my first time trying to do a more higher fashion shoot by myself, so it only gets better from here! So I hope eek. This year I’m going to try to focus more heavily on my photography education, so that will certainly help. I can’t wait to grow! This dress is available in the client closet for shoots if you want to wear it!

Apple Valley California Desert Fashion Shoot Beyonce Location


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