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Dec 16, 2020

Originally Published- October 23rd, 2019

Sometimes in life you are both blessed and wretched to bear witness to the trails and tribulation ones journey takes them on. This is one of those times. As you will see this blog will be a little different the the rest, and at the end will include some words from Laurie herself! Because this family story has quite a background! I met Laurie way back into my early Wal-Mart days. I always thought she was a really cool and funny person but I didn’t know at the time, how incredible, strong, and truly inspiring she was. I’ve also learned a lot about the foster care service as well.

Family Photo

In high school I had a friend who was in the foster care service before her and her sibling were adopted by the foster parents. I think we all know the stigma around foster care. Like people only do it for the money, and they don’t actually care about the kids. I’m so happy to say that’s not always the case! The news and social media certainly doesn’t help, and sadly that is true in some cases. But not this one!

Foster Care Adoption Day Photoshoot, Blackfoot Idaho

Laurie is one of those people destined to be a great mom. But the fates had to test her first. I’ve seen quite a few kids come and go through her care, it’s so heartbreaking to see all the love and care she gives to each and every child, once she even had 7 children at the same time, only to see them get pulled away. Eventually though, came a long this teenage girl. She lived on the other side of the state! I still remember that day, Laurie driving to get her, and hearing about the ride back home. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you have seen this teen! Miranda! Though she aged out of the foster care system she is still very much a part of Laurie’s’ family.

Foster Children Adoption Day Photos Blackfoot Idaho

I was so happy when I got the news Laurie was going to be adopting the three adorable ones she has now! I was also thrilled when she asked me to do a family session for the start of their story together! I hadn’t met these babies before the session. When we met at the spot the two boys hopped out of her van. The youngest boy kept watching me while I got my camera gear ready. After a minute or two of looking at each other and smiling, he walks over and gives me a hug! I loved him already! Little kids normally just stare at me or make comments about me haha.

Foster Children Adoption Day Photos Blackfoot Idaho
Foster Children Adoption Day Photos Blackfoot Idaho

Before the session, Laurie had this cute sign made for them, to incorporate into the shoot. During the session you could just see and feel the love. It felt like they’ve been a family for forever already. Laurie’s family is such a beautiful family, I am so happy and excited for them all! I’m also glad I get to FINALLY share these photos! We took these in August, and the adoption date was in September, before it got pushed back into October. If you are a reader of the Morning News Paper out of Blackfoot you’ve seen them and Laurie’s story on the front page!

Foster Children Adoption Day Photos Blackfoot Idaho
Foster Children Adoption Day Photos Blackfoot Idaho

——————————-Laurie’s Note————————————-

It’s so hard to believe that 4yrs ago I was just starting this journey with the hopes that one day I might get to adopt at least one child that needed a loving family and home. Tomorrow I will be adopting 3. James my quirky analytical spunky son, I am so proud and honored to be your mother. Not a day goes by that I am not just in awe of your amazing personality. Braylon my loving fearless ball of never ending hyper energy you are giving me grey hairs ever day and I wouldn’t change it for the world. You are the most loving protective and caring son a mother could ever ask for. I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing little boy you are. And last but certainly not least my little spitfire Kambi. You are the most precious goofy little devil child a mother could ask for. Every day you make my heart burst with love. You are the sweetest little thing when you want to be and I am so proud of the stubborn hardheaded little girl you are becoming. You will always be my little baby and I am so honored to get to be your momma. Tomorrow it becomes legally official just cementing what I already knew the day they were placed with me. These are my children. Every day I will do my absolute best for them. 10/18/19 is the day we become inseparable.



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