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Dec 21, 2020

Many many moons ago I met one of the funniest people I know, Vic. We had worked at Wal-Mart together and then again later at my current job. But then he went on to greener pastures! My fortunes didn’t end there. I was also blessed to meet Lacey, Vic’s wife, who by the way is a natural in front of the camera! Seeing the kids on Facebook is not even close to seeing them in person, so it was great to finally meet them.

They had contacted me earlier in the year about doing a family session. The other photographers they had contacted either ghosted them or kept rescheduling their session. I was like “that’s why you should have came to me in the first place!” Hehe. They were all “I know I know.” I’m pretty sure I broke out into a Cheshire cat grin haha.

Couple Shot During Family Photos Pocatello Idaho

We decided on a day in September. That day rolled around and we were all set! I went up to Pocatello early so I could scout a location. Found a pretty nice one I was happy with. And then it was time to wait.

They had to pick up one of their sons and then they’d be on their way. I told them where I was and waited. I get a message from Vic asking about where to go at the light, I was like “just keep going straight until the road goes up into the hills, you can’t miss me!” As it turns out, I’m a block head. Naturally the road runs in two directions…and they went the other direction. * Insert face palm emoji here.* Lesson learned Sabrina. Thankfully we got it figured out pretty fast.

Family Photos Pocatello Idaho

We started losing daylight pretty fast but thankfully everyone worked together and we flew through the session. The first thing we started with was the family poses. Once we are nearing the end of that, Vic had an idea for a pose he wanted to try. He walked over to me and we conspired. I lined everyone up, counted to three…and BAM! Vic reached over and planted a big ole kiss on the oldest boys cheek. The looks on everyone’s faces and the laughter that ensued is something I’ll never forget.

After that we moved on to the parent/children poses, and then individuals. While doing individuals, the youngest was helping be my assistant, it was so cute! Guys, her curly hair is just the most adorable and angelic I’ve ever seen! After that we did some of the parents alone. When I get done with that I always ask the Moms if they have anything they want that might have got missed or just any ideas they want to do.

Family Photographer Pocatello Idaho

Families are so challenging and rewarding to photograph. It’s such a blast seeing all the different personalities that exist in a family. If you have a family I highly recommend getting family photos taken! I hope it doesn’t take losing a family member to make you realize how important photos are. Even if you aren’t happy with the way your body looks, suck it up buttercup and get photos done! Believe me, when looking through photos your family isn’t going to care how you looked, they are just going to be glad to have photos to look at. So let’s get that session booked-



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