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Tips to Take the Stress Out of Family Photos

Feb 13, 2021

Photo shoots can be an extremely stressful thing! For both me and you. Especially if you are doing a family session. So I’m here to provide a few helpful tips to help take the stress out of your family shoot. Normally I would blog about each individual family session, but I thought I’d switch it up a bit.

Family Photos in Pocatello Idaho

1- Think about the setting you want your photos in ( urban, field, mountains, etc.) and co-ordinate your outfits to go with that. But if you want to wear what you want, wear you want, don’t worry about it! I have certain outfits that can cause issues that I’ll bring up during consultations and help you with any questions. Set your outfits out about a month before the session. Keep them safe so nothing happens to them. About a week before the session try them on and make sure everything fits. Keep an eye out for stains or holes that don’t belong. Also get accessories set aside, or planned at least. If you have any posing ideas you want, we’ll get them for you! If you have a larger family, think ahead of the different groupings you want and keep a list. That way we won’t miss anything you want!

Mommy and Me photo pocatello idaho

2- A few days before the session remind your family of what is going on. Let them know what will be happening, and what your expectations are. If you need to bribe, now is the time to get that started.

3- Two days prior to the session get everything ready to go. Any snacks you will need, wipes, hairbrushes, lint roller, and any other emergency items.

Daddy and me photos pocatello idaho

4- On the day of the session make sure everyone is fed well. Not too much and not too little. Don’t let anyone get dressed until they have eaten and brushed their teeth. This helps prevent any spills or accidents ruining the outfits.

Family photos Pocatello Idaho

5- Avoid colored drinks! Also if snacking or drinking on the way to the session, have them wear a bib or some kind of cloth to catch anything that might fall.

baby photos pocatello idaho

6- Last but not least! Relax! I know it might be hard not to, but it will show in the photos. Things might not go perfect, believe me it happens all the time with young ones. But it’s ok! We will still get great shots!

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