Hello! This is me! The photographer behind Black Honey Portraits. My job is to make your photoshoot experience as quick and painless as possible. I know what it's like to be a socially awkward, anxiety ridden introvert. If you, your teen, or whoever the shoot is for doesn't want their photo taken , or they are too shy, I'm here to help. I can get the shoot over fast and not take them out of their comfort zone unless they want to. 
Or maybe you just like my work! That's always a good thing to hear. Be it a maternity shoot (I have a client closet and I know where to rent incredible pieces), portrait, or you want to be a model for a day, I'm ready! I am nationally and internationally published, and if you are a model or creative that wants to work on a publication, I'm down!
Based in Southeastern Idaho, but I travel as well. ID, UT, NV, AZ, WY, OR, and CA. Will travel elsewhere!
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