Photo shoots can be an extremely stressful thing! For both me and you. Especially if you are doing a family session. So I’m here to provide a few helpful tips to help take the stress out of your family shoot. Normally I would blog about each individual family session, but I thought I’d switch it […]

Family Photos Pocatello Idaho

Becerra Family

Jan 16, 2021

It’s always great to photograph coworkers. Working with someone for 12 hours a day, you feel really close to them, like you’ve known them your whole life. It can also be a scary thing too! Because if they don’t like their photos, they know where you work! Haha. I was excited when Laura reached out […]

Family Photos

Ashley Family

Dec 21, 2020

Many many moons ago I met one of the funniest people I know, Vic. We had worked at Wal-Mart together and then again later at my current job. But then he went on to greener pastures! My fortunes didn’t end there. I was also blessed to meet Lacey, Vic’s wife, who by the way is […]

Originally Published- March 5th, 2020 Back in August my mom went to California to spend some time with her brother. In September I had a few days to go down and get her. I also had this really cool high fashion dress I wanted to get photographed while I was down there. A few weeks […]

Family Photo

The Allen Family

Dec 16, 2020

Originally Published- October 23rd, 2019 Sometimes in life you are both blessed and wretched to bear witness to the trails and tribulation ones journey takes them on. This is one of those times. As you will see this blog will be a little different the the rest, and at the end will include some words […]

Originally Posted Oct. 14th, 2019- This is a horribly late post! I’ve been so busy this summer and “fall” I haven’t had much time to write, or edit personal photos. But, back in May I held a giveaway for a free session. All you had to do was nominate someone you felt deserved a photo […]

Portrait Photo Shoot Blackfoot Idaho


Dec 10, 2020

Oh my lanta I can’t even find, well no, there are no words to describe how amazing Gabi is! I adore her so much. She is so fun and easy to pose, she just gets it. I have the pleasure of knowing a few of Gabi’s family members as well. I worked with her sister […]

Maternity Photo in a field. Blackfoot, Idaho


Dec 5, 2020

My dear sweet Molly! Molly is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We go way back to like elementary school! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with both her and her husband at my different jobs. When Molly had her first child, five years ago, I was just getting into photography in general, […]

Melina Model


Dec 5, 2020

I first met Melina last year when I booked a client for a boudoir session. I had rented lenses and an expensive, but nice looking, airbnb. A model call was put out, and I had about 4 or 5 different models agree. However, for various reasons, Melina was the only model who showed. The lenses […]

So what exactly is a styled shoot? A styled shoot is when people get together, each contributing something, to put on a photo shoot with a theme of some sort. The three biggest themes I see are wedding/wedding couples, fashion, and engagement couples. There is no same shoot, and each are run different. Usually there […]