Originally Published- March 5th, 2020 Back in August my mom went to California to spend some time with her brother. In September I had a few days to go down and get her. I also had this really cool high fashion dress I wanted to get photographed while I was down there. A few weeks […]

Melina Model


Dec 5, 2020

I first met Melina last year when I booked a client for a boudoir session. I had rented lenses and an expensive, but nice looking, airbnb. A model call was put out, and I had about 4 or 5 different models agree. However, for various reasons, Melina was the only model who showed. The lenses […]

So what exactly is a styled shoot? A styled shoot is when people get together, each contributing something, to put on a photo shoot with a theme of some sort. The three biggest themes I see are wedding/wedding couples, fashion, and engagement couples. There is no same shoot, and each are run different. Usually there […]

Hello and welcome to the new and improved website and blog for Black Honey Portraits! If you saw the previous website, you know what a disaster that was! Hopefully you like this one more! It’s been a rough year, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things next year. I used […]