Portrait Photo Shoot Blackfoot Idaho


Dec 10, 2020

Oh my lanta I can’t even find, well no, there are no words to describe how amazing Gabi is! I adore her so much. She is so fun and easy to pose, she just gets it. I have the pleasure of knowing a few of Gabi’s family members as well. I worked with her sister […]

Melina Model


Dec 5, 2020

I first met Melina last year when I booked a client for a boudoir session. I had rented lenses and an expensive, but nice looking, airbnb. A model call was put out, and I had about 4 or 5 different models agree. However, for various reasons, Melina was the only model who showed. The lenses […]

Wouldn’t it be nice? A while back my friend contacted me asking if we could do photos for her 18th birthday. She said she had the balloons for the 1 and the 8. I’ve seen those kinds of photo shoots before, and they always looked like fun. So of course I said yes! We have […]